Top 6 Clever Interior Design Hacks that Will Save Your Day

Whether you are looking for full-fledged interior design or small works, the following interior design tips will help you transform your home. Most of the tricks discussed here are very simple, but it can make a big difference.

1 Use Mirrors to Brighten Your Rooms and Make it Appear Bigger

Mirrors reflect the light and hence and it can brighten up your room if you think your room looks dull. You can either use a large mirror or a collection of smaller mirrors in different sizes. It can also help you make your room appear bigger because it extends the vision. The wall does not block your view. You will see more depth. It can make your rooms appear bigger to an extent. It is an effective trick used to make the small rooms appear larger.

2 Paint Smaller Rooms with Light Colors

If you paint small rooms with darker colors, the room will look smaller than it is. On the other hand, if you paint the smaller rooms with a light color, it will make the room appear bigger. It is an optical illusion due to the difference in the amount of light reflected by different colors.

3 Showcase Items that You have Meaning

There is a better option than abstract artworks or painting of greats artists to decorate your walls. You can display the painting or drawing of your kids on your wall. It's more meaning for you, and it will help you personalize your decoration. Apart from that, your guests also will decorate the drawing or painting.

You should use a very good canvas and simple frame for the work. The design frame shouldn't be very decorative because that might take away the attention from the actual work.

Apart from the painting or drawings, you can also think about hanging photographs of your family members on the wall.

4 Hang Window Curtains High to Make the Room Appear Taller

Vertical lines can give an illusion of more height. For example, if short people wear shirts with vertical lines, they will appear taller. We can use the same principle in interior decoration as well to make rooms with less height appear taller.

One way you can create vertical lines in the rooms is using tall window curtains. You can start the curtain from just one foot below from the ceiling to the floor.

5 Ensure Wide View of the Outside through the Windows

This is not actually an interior design or decoration work, but it can affect your experience inside your house. Your rooms will appear more spacious if you get a wide view of the outside through the windows. If there is an object just outside the window that is a hindrance to the wide view through the window, you should consider moving the object from there. Moving objects like trees may not be possible but move it if it is an object that you can move from there.

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